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Oakland is a charming nestled in California and is filled with great views, vibrant people and a thrilling nightlife. However, every city has a dark side and Oakland is no different. Apart from the hardworking folk of the city, hundreds of individuals are struggling with drug addiction and substance abuse, often struggling to cope with life. For those individuals, California Addiction Network offers substance abuse treatment programs. To help your loved one overcome their dependence and addiction to drugs, our professionals work hard in providing effective programs.

Oakland and Drug Addiction – A Look at the Numbers

If you are already accustomed to the party lifestyle of many Californian regions, it comes as no surprise that well over three million people are severely dependent on drugs. Almost 25% of most hospital emergencies in the state are caused by drug overdose or related incidents. These numbers clearly indicate that you are not the only one facing tough situations in the battle against drugs.

  • Marijuana users – 19,161
  • Prescription drug abusers – 8,391
  • Cocaine addicts – 3,140
  • Hallucinogens and inhalants – 2,225
  • Heroin addicts – 177
  • Drug related arrests (last year) – 2,420
  • DUIs (last year) – 1,830

The above numbers clearly indicate the seriousness of substance abuse in Oakland. If you want to make a difference and help your loved ones get a second chance at life, contact our professionals at California Addiction Network and we will help them leave drugs behind.

Do Not Ignore These Cries of Help – Symptoms of Abuse

Saying no to drugs is not as simple when your loved one is exposed to it on a regular basis. Many experiment with drugs believing that it will not develop into a habit, but they are usually wrong. Drugs have a way of creating a need for certain chemicals that bring about drastic changes in your body. If you notice one or more of these signs in a friend or loved one, get in touch with us today.

  • Unexplained lethargy, bouts of energy and hyperactivity
  • Disturbed eating and sleeping pattern
  • Irritability, anxiety, paranoia, mood swings
  • Sudden loss or gain of weight
  • Suspicious odors on body, clothing and breath
  • Secretive behavior and activity
  • Strained relationships and sudden disinterest in social life
  • Unexplained financial crisis
  • Frequent clashes with the law authorities

While drug prevention is not effective in some cases, the most you can do is to identify signs of trouble before it is too late. If you do notice these silent cries of help, contact California Addiction Network immediately.

Want To Give Up Your Drug Addiction? Contact Us Today!

At California Addiction Network, we aim at providing you with the best treatment and care. Along with medically advanced treatment, our professionals offer regular counseling sessions to ensure that you remain proactive and motivated throughout your stay at our facility. We equip you to live a drug-free and impart life skills that help you cope with pressure without depending on drugs.

Are you seeking help to overcome substance abuse? Allow our professional team of medical and psychological experts to help you get better. For more information on our intervention, detoxification and rehabilitation, contact us today.

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Drug Addiction in Oakland California

california mansion website photoAre you noticing alarming signs of substance abuse or drug addiction in a loved one? Are they exhibiting common symptoms associated with substance abuse? If you are unsure of how to help your friend or family member, contact our professionals at Our Addiction Rehab for assistance. At our facility, we try to help as many Oakland residents get back on their feet.

Oakland and Drug Addiction – Statistical Data

Do you think you are alone in the battle against drug addiction? Think again. Hundreds of Oakland residents struggle with substance abuse each day. The following data sheds a light on the current situation of drug abuse in Oakland.

  • The city is home to over 19,000 marijuana users, 3,100 cocaine addicts and over 8,300 people addicted to prescription drugs.
  • Oakland is also home to over 2,000 addicts dependent on inhalants and hallucinogens as well as more than 150 heroin addicts.
  • With 2,400 drug-related arrests every year, the city witnesses over 1,800 DUI charges.

Do you know somebody who needs to address their addiction problem? If yes, it is best to act now. Contact Our Addiction Rehab today for more information.

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Drug Addiction Intervention for Oakland Residents

Assistance (with clipping path)An intervention is usually conducted by the family and friends of any one who seeks help to overcome their dependency on drugs. You can help your loved one realize that they are having a serious problem that needs to be addressed because it has also affected you. Intervention is the first step that you can take to help your loved one to completely recover from their dependency on drugs. Intervention also translates into a speedy treatment and involves talking to your drug dependent loved one about their problem. With proper care and professional help, you can make sure that immediate change takes place in your loved one.

Why is an Intervention Important?

Intervention is an effective tools that can help your loved one realize that they have a problem. It is important even if you have tried previously and failed to bring about a change in them. Approaching a person about their problems alone and in a group can have different effects as it is difficult to walk away when every person they care about is requesting them to seek help. In fact, in many cases, this approach itself can be one big boost and an important motivation for the dependent.

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Drug Addiction Rehabilitation for Oakland Residents

addictionHave you been noticing some sudden changes in you or your loved one? Are you witnessing any personality changes since in any of your loved ones without any proper explanation? Is any of your loved ones displaying any secretive traits or sudden mood swings? Ignoring any of these symptoms is not always a good idea. It is best to contact for help as soon as possible and Our Addiction Rehab can help you get help for your loved one before its too late. If drug addiction is found, we can work with you to establish a comprehensive approach with proven addiction rehabilitation programs.

We, at Our Addiction Rehab are equipped with state of the art technology and a team of highly experienced medical and health care professionals so you can overcome all the cravings for drugs. We offer a range of thorough and customized programs to help all Oakland residents with our drug rehabilitation facility.

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Drug Detoxification for Oakland Residents

medical nursesOakland, California is well known a a trading hub and is the eight largest city in California. With an ever growing city limits, the problem of drug abuse is also prevalent in Oakland. It is easy to get caught up within the clutches of substance abuse as drugs such as methamphetamines, marijuana and cocaine are easily available at any given point of time. Even though the statistics suggest that the substance abuse among teenagers has decreased significantly from 10% as in 2001 the problem is a very serious one. If you or any of your loved ones is exhibiting symptoms of drug abuse, hurry to Our Addiction Rehab today for a complete detoxification.

A Complete Detoxification Program From Our Addiction Rehab

We offer Oakland residents with a unique and personalized detoxification program to suit both your budget and also your needs. At Our Addiction Rehab we understand that every person is unique and so is their condition. As a result we have a number of customized programs that offer practical and effective solution at affordable prices.

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